Sunday, December 25, 2011

Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Luke 2:1-20

copyright © 2011, Robert J. Elder, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, Washington

Christmas Day, December 25, 2011

I bring you good news of great joy for all people:

to you is born this day ... a Savior...

Church doesn’t get much more joyful than this, does it? Christmas Day! and on a Sunday! Our scripture speaks of joy, as well as our other carols today. How could this service have possibly started with any other carol:

From Nazareth to Bethlehem

the far-off king sent Joe and Mim

traipsing down the country courses

riding mules, no rides on horses

money for king August raising

building roads with no delaying

“Tax all folks! No compromising!”

he decreed, most days, on rising

but people, mostly, made the trek

to get enrolled, and send a check

to pay for Rome’s grandest highways

rocks and concrete, roads and byways

Mary rode where old Joe’s feet tread

all the way to King Dave’s homestead

old Bethlehem, that’s where they went

it’s what they knew the gov’nor meant

they plodded slowly, not to race

except that there, on Mary’s face

old Joe saw squinting, wincing, pain

once, twice, three times, and then again!

he knew the child in Mary’s womb

was ready now to come, and soon!

on his way, precious baby boy

Jesus, the full-fledged child of joy

just in time, they got the spot right

Jesus Christ was cradled that night

all wrapped up and warm for sleep

set in a hay box, near the sheep

from sky above, going bonkers

nearby shepherds saw the honkers

angels, that’s just what they all were

singing, shouting ‘bout God’s favor

“Glory! GLORY!” they were saying

“Peace for which you’re always praying;

Here it is! That’s what we’re telling

can’t just say it without yelling!”

then, as fast as they had started

all the angels soon departed

the shepherds, too, got on their way

respects for child and mom to pay

Mary, Joseph, with the cattle

stood by Jesus ‘mid the prattle

of those shepherds’ story-telling

which they did now, (with no yelling)

all were amazed, each astounded

shepherds’ tales told, stories sounded

but Mary, stood, off to one side

thinking things, things like the long ride

down those rough roads, to Bethlehem

more roads to go, before they end

who knew back then, how Jesus saves

who knew the whats, the whens and ways?

no one, that’s who, but God on high

God knew for sure, this is the guy

Jesus, baby, in a manger

to bring folks home, not as strangers

but as fam’ly, all, God’s dear ones

short and tall ones, big and small ones

young and old ones, scared and bold ones

dark or tan ones, white as sand ones

all, that is the perfect number

God is thinking, when we slumber

dreaming sweet dreams of Christmas day

God loves each one in just this way

which is the point, of Christmas time

a lot of trouble, all to find

it’s no mirage, from things we ate

but miracle, well worth the wait

so tell it near and tell it far,

so wise kings foll’wing shining stars

and folks from all lands in between

come and see what we all have seen

Christ is born say hallelujah!

bringing great gifts here, right to ya’

all we need do is receive them

to be brothers, sisters to him

take them all now, those gifts, abroad

‘til all the earth will hear the laud

and honor to our Christ the King

on whom our deepest hopes take wing.


Copyright © 2011 Robert J. Elder, all rights reserved